Honor of Qualification

Honor of Qualification

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Star Court pharmaceutical grade zinc oxide and feed grade zinc oxide characteristics and uses
Dark gray powdery metal zinc powder, can be used for paint, strong hiding power. Rust and has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion effect. Commonly used to manufacture paint, strong reducing agent
With the continuous rapid economic development in China, the development of domestic chemical companies has also entered the fast lane, from the weak to the strong. And gradually with the internationa
Zinc oxide ointment dermatologist deserved a magic weapon in the hands of the treatment of dermatitis, trauma, ulcers and other skin problems are ultimately it. And in recent times, it seems to have b
Our company won the title of "Top 10 Zinc Oxide Enterprises in China" in the 2014 China Top Ten Zinc Oxide Awards organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. and Zinc Oxide Branch of China Nation

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