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Xingyuan Zinc won the "Top Ten Zinc Oxide Enterprise in China"

Our company won the title of "Top 10 Zinc Oxide Enterprises in China" in the 2014 China Top Ten Zinc Oxide Awards organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. and Zinc Oxide Branch of China Nation

March 27 SMM zinc market morning news

SMM March 27 hearing: Yesterday, the market news long and short, Lun zinc above heavy selling pressure, finished lower. London zinc opened at 2,080 US dollars / ton, the Asian session narrowed finishi

April 3 SMM Base Metal Spot Trading Day Review

Overnight market cooling, zinc zinc significantly above the selloff, open low, opened at 2111 USdollars / ton, short selling pressure encountered, the center of gravity between the plate down and touc

Xingyuan brand industrial grade zinc oxide and rubber grade zinc oxide characteristics and uses

Industrial grade zinc oxide features: 1, small particle size, uniform size, decentralized ability, chemical reaction speed and thorough, and the reaction speed is consistent. 2, high purity, can make

Star Court pharmaceutical grade zinc oxide and feed grade zinc oxide characteristics and uses

Medical grade zinc oxide features: Zinc oxide is a well-known white pigment, commonly known as zinc white. The advantage of this is that H2S gas does not turn black, because ZnS is also white. When he

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